ATOM had struggled with how to present the many things it does succinctly to a diverse audience. Within two short meetings Alan Pentland had come up with an idea which was brilliant in its brevity and perfect in its execution [video animation]. I couldn’t recommend Alan highly enough.

Peter Tapp - Managing Editor - Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Oct 2015

I received a call from [the CEO] this morning. He is very pleased with the document [Exec Summary and solution overview, successful EOI - $1.5B project].

Bid Manager - John Holland Sept 2015

I wanted to let you know I’m very impressed with your work… and the documents you have produced. It’s much appreciated… makes me and DTZ look very good.

Janine Chapman - National Transition Manager DTZ, July 2015

I was quite amazed how your seemingly simple guidance created such huge improvements in my performance.

KAZ Technlogy Services

Alan Pentland…. was a joy to work with, a true professional who had some of the more difficult personalities in our industry eating out of the palm of his hand.

Conference of Major Superannuation Funds